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Time control at the company

All companies are obliged to register the day of its employees from 12 May

The Royal Decree Law 8/2019, among other labor standards and social security requires that all companies carry a record of their working day from the next day 12 May.

So far this obligation registration day but existed only affected workers employed part time but now extended to all employees of the company.

Please note that this rule published March 12, must be validated by the Standing Committee of the Congress within 30 days from the publication. (Please note, this provision has been validated on 03.04.2019 and therefore remain in force) .

Given the importance of this record day it seemed appropriate to insist again and highlight the following:

Which companies affected?

  • All companies with employees, without exception by sector, size of staff or other reasons. Each of them will have to agree on the conditions under which the registration applies.

What are the obligations of the company in relation to the registration of their workers the day?

  • Ensure the registration time of the day that the schedule should include specific start and end of the working day of each worker.
  • Organize and document the event log:
    • In the form that says the collective agreement that applies to the company, if the agreement governing this matter.
    • In the manner decided by the company to its employees if the collective agreement does not regulate this matter.
    • Finely, failing agreement and agree on how it decides the employer after consultation with employee representatives (for example, through a system of transfers or manual records documenting the time of entry and outgoing).
    • Keep records for 4 years and have them available to employees, their legal representatives and the Inspectorate of Labor and Social Security.

Will there be exceptions?

  • The Central Government may establish specific specialty sectors, occupational categories and jobs when their peculiarities requires it.

It can punish companies that apply or implement it wrong?

  • The rule amends section 5 of article 7 of the revised Law on offenses and penalties in the social order, typifying it as a serious breach of the rules and legal limits or agreed on this matter, which may be punished with a fine of between 626 and 6250 €