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23 october 2019, 1st CRS course in Girona

First Module Real Advanced Practices. Module C: CAPACITY AND NEGOTIATION

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Final date
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  • Captació
  • Wednesday
From 9:00h to 14:00h and from 16:00h to 18:00h
1 day
Colegio API Girona

C/ Eiximenis 18, entresuelo - Girona


Elements of negotiation and Models

  • Recognize the 3 fundamental variables of the negotiation process, (Power-Information-Time)
  • Identify how and when to use the 4 key elements of the negotiation, in any real estate transaction. (Harvard Negotiation Project)


  • Recognize at least 10 negotiation tactics
  • Identify key market information: seasonality and more frequent transactions

The First Contact

  • Describe the pre-interview with the client, specifying the objective and the approach you will use to choose and prepare the questions
  • Specify the information that clients should bring to the first interview that you keep with them face to face
  • Prepare the list of elements that will integrate the complete pre-interview package with potential clients

The Advisory Interview

  • Describe how the agent can use the ADVISOR approach of the client, when to use it and the role that empathy with the client plays in this exchange
  • State six active listening techniques, which serve to generate trust and empathy

Motivation and Positioning

  • Write down what you know about the motivation of buyers and sellers, specifying three reasons that usually serve as the basis for buying / selling decisions
  • Convert a list of typical features into another of possible advantages

Sale of Services and Benefits

  • Develop a paragraph that contains: need / characteristic / advantage and describe your services when it comes to meeting the needs of a specific customer

The Closing of the Operation

  • Describe the process of closing the operation, including the appropriate time, the most frequent errors and the techniques to be used

Leopold Roca

Throughout his professional career he has managed multi-offices and directed and trained numerous teams. He is the Manager of Compracasa Gand House in Barcelona. The CRS training reaffirmed the conviction that it was possible to apply another way of operating in the professional activity.
He is Designated CRS and has made the Train the Trainer, for instructor in training CRS REAP, with Fernando G. Erviti.

“It is a privilege to belong to CRS and to be able to convey to many colleagues the knowledge and message that professionalism flows from the inside out. We can be expendable, eligible or essential; everything depends on us"