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Annual report 2018

All the work done during the previous year

Another year we are pleased to present the Annual Report for the year 2018.

We invite you to take a tour of the annual report detailing the activities carried out during 2016. We also want to take this opportunity to recognize the work of the Governing Board, the administrative staff and many partners have selflessly collaborated with the Association.

It is a matter also of satisfaction, consolidation studies "Market Prices of New Homes, Resale and rent," we publish each semester in conjunction with the Union of Developers and Constructors of Buildings in Girona and the Association of Managers of farms Girona which remains the only indicator of the surrounding region that collects the most important towns with actual prices of sale and rent. We have also consolidated the media to be an essential reference real estate mediation.

Moreover, we have worked with Marsh brokerage to improve the conditions of liability insurance for individuals and legal entities. Likewise for Surety insurance.

This year, we want to highlight the fulfillment of the objectives of the ISO, which have been met with a substantial improvement in the quality of services offered by the API Girona-Costabrava Association.

The Governing Board

On Friday, March 23, the Ordinary General Assembly of Colleagues and Colleagues took place in the Auditorium-Palacio de Congresos de Girona.

March 5, at the Carlemany Hotel in Girona, holding the Ordinary General Assembly of colleagues and collegiate.