Col·legis i associació d'agents immobiliaris

The best API real estate professionals: ALWAYS READY!

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hours: From 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Duration: 6 hours

Place: API Girona Association (Eiximenis, 18, Girona)


ALWAYS READY (1h): Consultancy session in which we will analyze many data, how the price of housing evolved in 2018 by regions, provinces and specifically Girona. We will also analyze what was the production in number of sales and turnover of an average agent in the sector, as well as the factors that caused the cycle change started in the second half of last year to know not only what is happening, but most importantly , Why is it happening ?, information with which we can advance in the position of "ALWAYS READY", adapting our response to the reality of the market at all times.

JUSTIPRECIO (4h): In the second block we will see the most efficient techniques and arguments to get the owners out of the confusion they usually have regarding the price of their homes. A house in a fair price is equal to a home sold in a short time, sometimes even a matter of hours, so we must understand that our job is not to sell housing but to locate justices and the more developed we have these skills, the more frequently and quickly we will get. In addition, at the end of the workshop we will screen the film "JUSTIPRECIO ON LINE" recently recorded in real environments in which 35 meetings were held with owners of five offices in different corners of the country, one of them in the province of Girona, getting 9 justices from which were sold 6 in a few days with which € 86,800 were invoiced in professional fees. And it is that it is not the same to tell the theory of how to do it, THAT TO SEE IT LIVE AND LIVE!

CLOSING TECHNIQUES (1.5h): And finally, to close the session we will work the ten most efficient closing techniques to help the buyer to make his decision, techniques that return to regain vital importance because with the media talking every time with greater frequency of the recession that is expected for the next months, still presenting a good proposal in fairness to the client, he will be afraid to buy and will need our help to unblock his decision.


JIMENO, JOSÉ LUÍS.Fundador, alma-máter and CEO of the company. Real estate since 1987 with more than 1,600 homes sold to his credit, until in 2005 he started the Notegés Consulting project, which makes the associate feel that he speaks the same language as him.


Associates in API € 100.00


As long as it is effective it will be necessary to have made the payment before the start of the course.

Note: This session is only and exclusively for collegiate members, associates of COAPI GIRONA and their employees.