Real Estate Professional Postgraduate Course

Real Estate Professional Postgraduate Course

One Friday a month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
48 hours
HYBRID FORMAT: FACE-TO-FACE classes with the possibility of following by VIDEOCONFERENCE. You choose!
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Postgraduate course in Real Estate Professional

Observing what the current real estate market is like, the Postgraduate Course in Real Estate Professional aims to deepen the knowledge and application of the various instruments that allow the acquisition of comprehensive training in all subjects involved in the business and professional real estate world: promotion, construction, brokerage, valuation, appraisal, administration and management of real estate; AS WELL AS THE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT OF THESE COMPANIES, NOT FORGETTING MARKETING AND MARKETING.

The Fundació Universitat de Girona: Training and innovation together with the official Association of Real Estate Agents of Girona, the Association of Property Administrators of Girona and the Guild of Developers of Girona offers you the Postgraduate Course of Real Estate Professional, with the following program:

Real Estate Professional I

Working with the Client

How to Deal with Objections and Closing the Sale
How to Teach Homes to Buyers
Marketing and Maintenance of the Property Portfolio

Private Offer and Contract with Negotiation Techniques

Contact Management. Do you lose a lot of internet contacts?

Marketing experts tell us that the one who contacts first is the one most likely to succeed. If you have good systems and keep in touch, sooner or later, you will become the chosen one.

Do you have a proper database?

Do you understand what a CRM can do for you and know how to choose the one that best suits your needs?

Do you know that there are different types of websites especially aimed at attracting contacts segmented according to the type of customer you want?

Buyer's agent

The goal of this two-day core course of Designating an Accredited Buyer Representative, is to establish basic training with skills and resources to help real estate professionals succeed as a buyer’s agents. In the next two days you will learn how:

Create a business to represent a buyer.
Evaluate the services you perform for your buying customers.
Increase your confidence in getting the buyer's representation contract signed.
Acquire methods, tools and techniques to provide the support and services that buyers want.

Real Estate Professional II

Team Management. Build your own team to expand your business

Recognize the signs that it’s time to hire someone
Evaluate the best options for the growth of your business such as: virtual or on-site assistants, coordinators, buyer specialists and partners to sell properties
Apply techniques to apply for qualified candidates and conduct successful interviews
Assess remuneration options for team members, their employment status, licenses, contracts, and job titles and responsibilities
Implements effective management practices related to workplace guidance, job evaluations, accountability, and workflow

Real Estate Finance

Map of the financial situation.
Basic financial concepts
Customer Experience Map
Control of the customer experience.
Message design:
Economic profiles and risk concepts.
Mortgage offer comparison method:

Green. Sustainable housing has come to stay.

Resource efficient housing
DIY projects to improve resource efficiency
Smart housing technology
Upgrading and replacing systems
Remodeling: Large-scale projects and their purpose
From scratch: newly built and customized homes

Green. Structure and learning objectives

The new rule: understand the motivations and priorities of the consumer
The new market drivers: passability, transport and affordability
Greening of the MLS and the appraisal of housing
Putting up for sale and marketing efficient housing in the use of resources
Find and buy a resource-efficient home
Diversification: professionals in the green real estate sector


Félix Pompey Degree in Information Sciences. API. Judicial expert. Advertising and Public Relations and Train of Trainers, CRS.

Fernando García Senior Architect, Master of Science and Fellow of the Fulbrigh Foundation

José Ignacio de Diego Taxation in real estate operations, acquisition in exclusive C +, Real estate forensic expert, Master NLP,

Leopold Roca Bachelor of Information Sciences, Graduate in HR, Master in Business Administration and Management, Judicial Expert and AP

Pere Maymi Master in Marketing and Sales. PHILOSOPHY

Evaluation system
Minimum attendance at 80% of the sessions.
Test type test.

If you make the payment before September 30 you will have a 5% discount

20% discount for members of the organizing entities and employees of these schools € 960


5% discount for professional associations € 1,140

More discounts

Postgraduate Course in Real Estate Professional from the University of Girona *

* Does not include the title issue fee


Real Estate Professional Postgraduate Course
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