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Course: Private Law: Obligations and Contracts

Date: Thursdays, from October 4 to November 8, 2018

Hours: 16:00 - 20:00

Duration: 20 hours

Place: School APi Girona (Eiximenis, 18, mezzanine - Girona)

Typology: Specialization Course in Private Law: Obligations and Contracts


1. Concept of Law. Private Law and Public Law. National and international private law. Autonomous communities and private law.
2. The sources of law. The jurisprudence.
3. The person and personality. Legal capacity and work. Circumstances that modify the ability to act.
4. Legal influence of time: prescription and expiration.
5. The obligation: concept and classes: unilateral and reciprocal obligations. Joint and solidarity obligations. Termination of obligations.
6. The contract: concept, classes, essential requirements, form, refinement, consummation, nullity, annulment, resolution and termination.
7. Real estate intermediation contracts.
8. Contract of sale and sale: concept, prohibitions, obligations of the parties, refinement, consummation. The domain reservation. The rescue by ultra dimidium injury.
9. Contracts denominated preparatory of the sale and sale: precontract and the promise of sale. The reservation contract. The amounts on account of the price: Surrender or pay and signal: definition, classes, difference and effects.
10. The exchange and the difference with the purchase and sale.
11. Purchase option contract.
12. Donation contract.
13. Loan agreement.
14. Guarantee agreements. The deposit, the deposit and the hiring contract.
15. Mandate agreement. The powers
16. Company contract: concept, classes, obligations and extinction.
17. The mercantile societies. Responsibility.
18. Commercial contracts.
19. Criminal liability in real estate.


Espinet, Francesc. Bachelor in Law.Abogado.Master in Real Estate Law.Diplomado technical labor. Partner of ECN Advocats

Prices and discounts:

Price: € 285.00

€ 228.00 Collegiate / associates of the College API and employees.

270,75 € Professional colleges.

Evaluation system:

Minimum attendance at 80% of sessions.Test type test

Students who pass the course will receive a Certificate of training course by the Fundació UdG: Innovació i Formació.

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