Col·legis i associació d'agents immobiliaris

The high profitability of the rent triggers up the prices


Renting housing has become one of the safest ways, based on the performance / risk ratio, of obtaining profits for an investment.

Contracts renovation
It is a consequence of that 2013 rule, which fixed the duration of the contracts in three years and eliminated the extension of two more, that in 2017 the five-year contracts that were constituted then and have begun to be renegotiated have expired. The average we are doing with these contracts implies increases of 20% of the rental price, explains Ramon Corominas, vice president of the Association of APIs of Catalonia, which operates in the Girona area. The reality is that the law does not favor the containment of prices while the contracts have to be renewed three-yearly, and upward in a cycle of market recovery.