Col·legis i associació d'agents immobiliaris

Course approved for access to the Register of Realtors Catalonia - UdG

If you enroll before September, you will benefit from discounts !!!

Course recognised by the Department of Medium Ambient and House to access to the register of Agents Immobiliaris of Catalonia

The Foundation University of Girona: Formation and innovation jointly with the official School of Agents of the Property Real estate of Girona offers him the Diploma of specialisation -AICAT, with the following program:

Private right: obligations and agreements. 20 h.
Private right: registral, hipotecari and real rights. 32 h.
Urban leases and rústics. 20 h.
Urbanisme And. 20 h.
Estimations real estates And. 20 h.
Fiscalitat Real estate. 28 h.
Specific rule of the Sector Immobiliari. 20 h.
Marketing Immobiliari. 24 h.
Organisation and management of company And. 24 h.

Convalidacions: They can convalidar modules, accrediting the temari, the hours lectives and the corresponding justification.

System of evaluation: minimum Assistance of a 80% of assistance.

Place: School CELERY.

Duration: 208 hours. (Tuesday and/or Thursday. Afternoon of 16.00h. To 20.00h.).

Modalitat: presencial.

Price: 2.250,00 € (The foundation has special conditions, can fund in 10 quotas.)

Title: Diploma of specialisation expedit for the University of Girona