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Software and Real Estate Portals

Software and Real Estate Portals


Apiales is the set of territorial real estate commercial groupings that all of them have as purpose to share the commercialization of real estate of the real estate agents of the API collective that integrate it.
All the commercial groups -APIALIA- have as main objective to make the maximum possible of shared transactions of sale of real estate, of quality among their member agents.
A Apiales exclusively carry out operations for the sale of real estate of any type (preferably housing) that the Apiales agents have in an exclusive regime: the Apiales agents oblige to provide to the grouping all the operations of commercialization of real estate that they have exclusively.
Any other type of operation (rental, non-exclusive, transfer, ...) will never be subject to Apiales operations.


From the API collective we think that the union is strength, so Apial groupings were created so that the members of our collective can share real estate and all together add up many sales, offering the client a serious and professional advice service and being able to reduce Advertising expenses
You can be part of one of our commercial real estate groups, formed exclusively by members of the API collective, with all the necessary legal, technological, administrative and management support (special real estate manager (GHESTA), intranet, networking, training and coaching).
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Api immobles service


Promote business opportunities and make them available to the collegiate / associated APIs of the province of Girona because, by slightly reducing their overall costs, they increase the number of operations carried out.


Recover and increase the market share of the collegiate / associated APIs, in the real estate sector of the province of Girona.

Create and implement the leading brand in the real estate sector in Girona.

How to register?

Signing up is free.

You just have to fill in the membership contract as a collaborator.

In order to become a collaborating / associated API, it will be necessary for the interested party to have the status of a colleague in the Girona College / associate member AIC, an open office in the province of Girona, to be aware of all the obligations of collegiate colleges / association, request in writing and promise to comply with the regulations in force

A collaborating / associated API may lose its condition by its own decision, communicating it in writing, or by decision of the Board of the College / Association, motivated by the breach of the regulations in force or by the improper or fraudulent use of the data.

Access to information and the right to market the product.

All collaborating / associated APIs will have access, by means of a code, to all the data of the base and the right to market the product to their customers. To visit the farms, each time, they must pick up and then return the key in the REAL ESTATE API office, or in the office of the Zone Delegate.

The collaborating / associated APIs, with an open office in a certain area and for what refers to the product of that area, may also:

- Advertise in the press, personal website, shop window, etc.

- When an interested party consults the INMOBLES API website, a list will appear in a random order of the collaborating / associated APIs, from the area where the farm is located to request more information or visit it.

- They will receive notice of the registration of real estate in their area.

- They will receive notice of the price changes of the properties in their area.


When an interested party calls the REAL ESTATE API telephone, the automatic operator will randomly derive the call to API collaborators / associates of the area where the farm is located.

Negotiation of the operation conditions

The partner / partner API, will negotiate directly with the owner the offers that he receives from the interested parties he has captured.

If in the process of negotiating the price and / or payment method an agreement is not reached and the operation is not formalized, the offer of the interested party and the response of the owner will be recorded in the database in order that the Associated APIs / collaborating partners know the criteria of the owner and can use the information for a new negotiation.