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More information:

API IMMOBLES is a service of the API College of Girona, created in 2006, with the aim of providing a service of real estate mediation and of property administration for its commercialization, through the real estate agents.

The API IMMOBLES service has the capacity through each API to sell propertys quickly.

The API IMMOBLES service has a "know how" and own method totally contrasted, able to give effective responses to developments and constant changes facing the sector of real estate, to achieve the ultimate goal: the sale or lease of the property.

- We are estate agents registered in the Register of estate agents of Catalonia, (AICAT).

- We have a surety insurance with a minimum guarantee limit of 60.000,00 € by agent, establishment open to the public in Catalonia and one year coverage.

- We have a civil liability insurance with a minimum limit of 60.000,00 € by agent, establishment open to the public in Catalonia and one year coverage.

- We have an infrastructure to coordinate the management and the mediation in the whole territory.

- We comply with the quality. We are homologated with the ISO 9001.

- We act independently, impartiality, customer interest prevail, with prudence and subject to the law.

- We report about the rules and deontological principles.

- We fulfill the principle of truth in advertising and supply.

- We have the requisite professional training, therefore we are aware of the rules and we offer quality guarantee throughout the process of buying and selling a property.

- We act with transparency and commitment.

Which services offer api immobles:

- The commercialization of a property is realized, through the API with offices in the province of Girona.

- We carry out the corresponding photographic report.

- We conducted advertising in the press, we published on own web sites such as:,,, and other websites specialized in real estate.

- We placed posters in the building, we send mailings, we conducted open days sessions, in order that the API is well acquainted with the estate he/she has to sell.

- We report of the development of the intermediation of your property, visits that have had on websites and information that has been given about the property.

- Possibility of permanently update the price of the property.

- We Do the review of legal, fiscal and urbanistic aspects.

- We offer ongoing advice during the entire operation.

- We conducted the property appraisal.

- We guard the keys and the documentation.

Advantages of api immobles service:

- Centralization and organization of the demands for acquisition of property with coverage throughout the province of Girona.

- The sale of the property is managed by professional estate agents API collegiate and properly registered in the Register of estate agents of Catalonia.

- Each API is a perfect knower of their area, of the prices of the propertys and prospective buyers.

- We are getters, from the professional offices, of the customer demands and we have the tool to the existing supply to marry her.

- The derivation of the offers to customers of the demands database.

- The call filter and channeling of the visits.

- The valuation of your property at market price.

- The revision of the legal, fiscal and urbanistic aspects with continuous advice.

Advantages of api immobles service:

 -The prominent Internet presence through the web's, radio and print media.

- Advertising your property in the windows of the API agencies.

- The participation in sectoral and local fairs.

- The insurance coverage that guarantees the responsibility of our colleges.

- We are aware of the importance in the custody of the keys. We keep track of them.

- We also care with the aesthetics of the property as it is important for selling.

What offers api immobles:

- At API IMMOBLES, we offer to the property owners intermediation service in the sale of his estate to fair market price, quickly, professionality and guarantee.

- API IMMOBLES is the best agent to whom to entrust your property band.

The intervention of a referee API in real estate transactions is a guarantee of professionality, of efficacy, of quality and of protection of the consumer rights, for both the buyer and the seller.

If you own a property and are interested in selling through the system of Api immobles, contact the API College.