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Don't pay more personal income tax

Until July 1 (until June 26 electronically) there is time to submit the 2018 income and equity declarations.
Be careful with the drafts sent by the Tax Agency. Many errors and omissions of deductions are detected. On the other hand, the AEAT is not responsible in any case for what the draft says.
If in doubt, consult a professional. Surely you get it on account.

Recall the most important news for this year are the following:

Income Tax for Individuals

1. Social benefits of maternity and paternity: They are exempt and should not be declared.
2. Scholarships: The limits that are exempt from personal income tax have been increased.
3. Lottery and betting prizes: As of July 5, 2018, prizes of up to € 10,000 are exempted (previously exempted up to € 2,500).
4. Dining vouchers or restaurant checks: The amount that is exempt from personal income tax is increased from € 9 to € 11 per day.
5. Work income: The reductions that apply to workers with the lowest incomes are increased.
6. Performance of businessmen and professionals in direct estimation:
- When employers or professionals have the workplace in their own home, a portion of the expenses incurred by supplies (water, gas, etc.) may be deducted.
- You can also deduct your living expenses related to the activity, up to € 26.67 / day in Spain or up to € 48.08 / day abroad, provided they are paid electronically.
7. Deduction for investment in newly or newly created companies: The maximum deduction base is increased from € 50,000 to € 60,000 and the deduction percentage is increased from 20 to 30%.
8. Maternity deduction: The amount of the maternity deduction may be increased up to an additional € 1,000 when the taxpayer who is entitled had paid child custody expenses under the age of three in authorized childcare centers or nursery schools during the tax period.
9. Deductions for large families or for persons with disabilities in charge: With effect from 05-07-2018, increases the deductions and includes, as a person with disabilities in charge, the spouse not legally separated with income (excluding exemptions) less than € 8,000.00.
10. Deduction applicable to family units formed by tax residents in Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area: A deduction is established on the quota in favor of those taxpayers who are members of a family unit in which one of its members resides in other EU member states).