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Transparency Law

Law 19/2013, of December 9, Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, aims to expand and strengthen transparency in public, regular activity and guarantee the right of access to information relating to that activity and establish good governance obligations to be met by public officials.

The Act applies to all public authorities and throughout the state sector and other institutions related to the activities subject to administrative law.

The Act establishes the publication obligations affecting public bodies to ensure transparency in its activity and regulates the right of access of citizens to public information.

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Headquarters of the Association of Realtors of Girona, Costa Brava, Pyrenees.

On November 28, 1975 the Association purchased, (Notary Eduardo Peña Belsa), the new construction site located at: C / de Francesc Eiximenis, no. 18, 1a. and 2nd door of Girona.

It was inaugurated on October 15, 1978 for the feast of the patron Saint Teresa of Jesus. Property: Official Association of Real Estate Agents of Girona and province. Surface: 305 square meters.

In the year 2008, rehabilitation and improvement works were carried out, which were inaugurated in October 2009.

On June 27, 2.019 the Association buys the property of C / Eiximenis, núm. 16, 2nd door of Girona. Area: 179 m2 built and 166,50 m2 useful.