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New type of theft in 2 real estate companies in Girona.


The robberies were committed in the following way:

- The author enters the establishment and verbalizes something, that has nothing to do with the establishment, for example "fly, fly".
- Taking advantage of the moment of surprise and possible distraction of the person who is attending the establishment, the author takes advantage to subtract a mobile phone that was on the counter.
- The person who has committed these facts is between 30-40 years old, with an approximate height of 1.70cm, normal complexion, round face, black short hair and dark eyes.

With regard to security to avoid the subtraction of the mobile phone, the following security tips must be kept in mind.

or Use it discreetly avoiding ostentation of the device.
o When you talk on the phone, be alert to what happens around you.
o Take special care of your phone in bars, cafes, restaurants, music venues and beaches, thieves have predilection for these places.
or If you are not making a call, make sure you have the phone properly stored.
o Store your phone in your pocket or bag, and always in a place that is not easy to catch quickly.
o Keep the phone locked at all times.
o Be careful and prevent someone from having visual access to the mobile device when entering the password or graphic pattern to unlock the terminals.
o Back up the information contained in the mobile phone.
or You do not store information on the phone that you do not want others to have (for example, bank passwords, credit cards, personal information ...).
o Suspicion of calls and SMS from unknown and hidden.
o Avoid providing personal information without being completely sure that you are on the other side of the line.
o Avoid connecting to unknown or open wifi networks (without an access password). When you connect to the Internet with these networks, someone can access and have control over the pages they are browsing and the operations they perform, have control of the sessions on the social networks they access or in their email.

The following link has at your disposal more documents (posters, diptychs) regarding security with mobile telephony:


We inform you of a scam called "phishing", in which you receive a message similar to the one that is textually detailed below and asked to follow the link, through: "be here" in order to unlock the bank account's current account. In no case follow this link that could lead to displaying a virus in the computer application that encrypts your files or may continue to ask for personal information in order to be able to impersonate them to be used for example in online purchases.

The text message is as follows:

"Causing laser one was submitted was in what area to analyze the problem. From the operation the heart that surgery through
Dear customer,
We have detected unusual activity on a recent login of the xxxxxxx account.

Therefore the Organic Law 15/1999 against data protection obliges us to automatically block your Account.
To reactivate the serivices hired, please access the super account

Be here for the best instructions to unlock Super Account.

Failure to restore access 24 hours Dara Place to permanent suspension.
Thank you "

Given these types of messages if they are detected on time, it is better not to open the message and in case of opening the message do not enter into any link that may contain or give personal information.




They do not allow the passage to their domicile to unknown people without personalized previous appointment.

The mandatory inspection of your natural gas installation must be carried out every 5 years.

The obligation to carry out this inspection is previously announced in writing (sent by the gas distribution company), by letter.
Once you receive the letter you have 45 days to contact an installer company that is authorized to carry out the inspection or will be carried out by the gas distribution company.

At the time of inspection:
· Do not give any receipts or bank details.
· Do not pay any amount in cash.
· The cost of the revision will be charged to the monthly receipt.

For heating boilers, it is mandatory to perform a maintenance check by an installed installation company.

The maintenance certificate of the boiler must be kept.

If your gas installation is supplied by butane gas cylinders, you are responsible for contracting any enabled installer company, to carry out the mandatory review every 5 years.

1- At the address

Do not open the door to unknown people.

Always request the identification of water, electricity, gas or telephone staff and verify the service by calling the company.

Be suspicious of the phone number provided by the possible installer.

Collect daily correspondence to prevent others from using their personal data.

Always close the door with access keys to the street.

Close the entrance door of the building and verify that no stranger takes to enter.

Do not leave the keys placed on the outside lock, either under the carpet of the entrance, in the mailbox, or in any other external hiding place at the address.

If you lose the keys, change the locks.

2- In the garage

Do not leave the keys inside the vehicle.

Also do not neglect objects such as clothes, electronic devices, etc.

Do not leave within reach any tool that can facilitate the forcing of locks and accesses.

Connect the vehicle alarm.

Make sure the garage door is closed to the entrance and exit of vehicles so that no stranger can take advantage of it to enter.

It is advisable and useful to have videovigilance systems.

If you own a parking lot and rent it, be aware of possible losses or theft of keys and controls of your tenant.


If you hear a strange noise or notice the presence of people with suspicious attitude near your home, do not hesitate to call the police.

Likewise, if you observe forced doors or windows or signs that a robbery could have been produced, keep calm, do not touch anything and notify the police, which will indicate the steps to follow and carry out the appropriate investigation with specialized personnel.

Reported ...

... Any criminal act you suffer.

If you are victims of a crime, do not touch anything and notify the Mossos or the Local Police.

Submit a complaint to the Mossos.


Go to the offices of Attention to the Citizen of the Mossos.

Keep a personal identification document.

Bring a list of the effects removed with the maximum data of each one.

The following link has at your disposal more information regarding home security: home security tips