Col·legis i associació d'agents immobiliaris

Cyclists safely

Seeing and being seen is very important

It is not allowed to circulate under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar
You are required to undergo the tests of police officers

Circulation in interurban roads
By the shoulder on the right of the road or by the essential part of the lane
Advances: NON-LOWER lateral separation at 1.50 meters
Mandatory helmet

Parallel circulation and helmet use
In parallel: in sections with visibility and without producing retentions
In group: without maintaining mandatory separation, but take precautions!
Urban roads mandatory for children under 16 and recommended for the rest

Passengers allowed
Children up to 7 years old in an approved chair
The driver must be of legal age

Collectors and luminous elements, when and where to take them
At night
With poor visibility weather conditions
Inside tunnels
In those places where it is mandatory

Mobile phone
Mobile use is not allowed
It is not allowed to listen to music with headphones
Recommended to take it only for emergency situations

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