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Register of estate agents of Catalonia (AICAT)

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Decree 12/2010 of 2 February, by which regulates the requirements for exercising the activity of estate agent and the Register of Realtors of Catalonia is created.

Object and purpose: To protect consumers and users in housing.


Having open to public accommodation (unless services are provided electronically with a physical address), training and performance and solvency and training.

Guarantees and insurance:

- Obligation to provide security and reporting. The minimum amount is € 60,000.00 / year open to the public establishment.

- Obligation to provide a liability insurance. The minimum capital to ensure open to the public by setting will be € 100,000.00 per claim and € 600,000.00 per year.

Register of estate agents of Catalonia

- It is public and compulsory.

- The registration will be done collectively through our school.

- Must relate the situation gives practicing, the ratio of open to the public and society data with operating facilities.

Article 57 of Law 18/2007 of December 28, the right to housing, states that professional associations can share the distinctive collegiate record with the badge and the number of referee.

Professional training:

Must prove vocational training or a university degree with certificates of attendance and training courses in real estate, in accordance with the following basic content of education:

- Property right.

- Real Estate Law.

- Legislation urban leases.

- Mortgage law.

- Town planning and housing law.

- Real estate tax law.